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Why MathPunch?

We simplify math.

MathPunch develops and enhances your sound understanding of basic math concepts and skills.
Everybody learns math at ease with our adapted Lev Vygotsky Scaffolding Technique.

Superb Teaching Framework

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Superb Teaching Framework

Math is easy with our Scaffolding Technique. It improves your confidence and gives you soaring results in math.

Same Ability, Same Pace

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Same Ability, Same Pace

We only group students of same ability in a math class to ensure students progress at the same pace.

Skillful Math Tutors

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Skillful Math Tutors

We are experienced and teach only Secondary School math. However, you can be assured of our expertise.

No Deposit, No Hidden Charges

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No Deposit, No Hidden Charges

You do not pay deposits, term payment, material fee or other hidden costs for our math tuition.

Maximum Of 3 In A Class

More attention and less distraction.

 With extremely small group, you get full coaching from our math tutor.


 You definitely get sufficient attention from our tutors compared to other math classes of 10 or 20 students.

Say "No" To Standard Assessment Book

We teach with our own specialized math worksheets.

 We don't use commercial off-the-shelve assessment books.


 Our worksheets simplify math, without convoluted explanation of the school assessment book.


 You get customized math classes and personalized teaching for different level and ability.


See it to believe it.

 You get a FREE no obligation math lesson to see how we teach.


 You can evaluate the high quality of our math tutors and materials.


 You'll be amazed by the effectiveness of our math teaching.

No Change Of Tutor

One tutor from the start till the end.

 You will be coached by the same math tutor all the way.


 You will have a good rapport and interaction with the tutor after a short period of time.

No Cookie-Cutter Way Of Teaching

One size does not fit all.

 You learn in your very own way and pace - we will specialize the teaching to match your needs.


 You get personalized math tuition and attention.


 You learn with only 2 others with the same ability and pace.


 We do not hold mass classes nor teach every student in uniform manner.

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Many have excelled in mathematics with our method.

You can too.

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